Your dream will become obsolete at some point, and that’s okay.

4 min readJun 28, 2021


(You’ll re-dream without your knowing)

Being born in early 90’s, we had few choices for divertissement. We could either watch TV, kill time over playing computer games, or kill time by actually playing games outside into the playground. Woefully, I was one of those kids who was quite not the fan of social interactions. Although, I enjoyed playing football sometime, but I was not being able to mix up with the gang because of several unfortunate reasons; inferiority complex, anxiety, introversion, and you name it.

The Computer Dream

So, my apparent inclination at that point of time was towards the Computer. I remember that many of my classmates had never seen a computer, but I had one at home. While Internet had just arrived in Nepal at that time and was not so popular among common people. Several art and science Colleges inaugurated the usage of Internet, but It was still the trend of computer games.
Few of my geeky friends and I were so fascinated by wondering how computer games were made. We used to try different computer programmes, their functions and how each and everything worked. The mini Flash games were so popular and some of the big games of that time like Project IGI, NFS, maybe Tomb Raider, etc were widely popular. I was always curious about the games. Becoming a computer game developer had become something of a fantasy for me.

The Rock n’ Roll Dream

After some couple of years, Internet was getting popularized. Many newer trends were starting to come up, and Rock n’ Roll was one of them in Nepal. It was the time when you could boast around about what bands you like, what kind of epic songs they made. And you could immediately connect to the people who like the same band as you do.
Then my immense desire of learning guitar began. I used to play air guitar humming Bon Jovi’s “It’s my life….It’s now or never” Or scream Pantera’s “cowboys from hell”. After high school I started dreaming of forming a rockband……and…… gigs……and…autographs…..

I still remember the daydreaming….

I was exposed to Music of all nation and all language through Internet. The rock n’ roll sensation was slowly taking over in Nepal. I was so into rock music and it was 24/7. The Rock Legends of that time; Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, Dream theatres, Linkin Park, Guns n Roses, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pantera, Metallica… I’ll run out of time naming all of my favorite Rock Legends. Due to their huge influence at the time, my biggest fantasy was to be a ROCK STAR.

Finally at College, I had a band…though not as huge as bands should be. But we hung around and cover music…and made our own songs as well…..

The Dream around Social Media

Now it’s 2010. The world has moved forward, Floppy discs have long extincted and CDs are loosing their existence. It’s the era of High volume storage devices. The emails, outlooks, and Facebook are everything today.
You are connected with people miles away from you, you speak their languages and they speak yours. Things have quite changed. Now you don’t need to get out of your house, go to your friend’s, ring bells, and convey the message that you want to. You are just one or two clicks away sharing everything you want.
Your foreigner friend in Facebook shows you his home, his lifestyle, roads/buildings and everything. Now you have deep social connection with the people inside the bubble. You want to experience the lifestyle that people in the Internet are living. You wanna travel the whole world now.
Suddenly, your biggest fantasy is a world Tour, befriend people of different caste, cultures, language and religions. All you want is experience than achievement.


(Pursue of Happiness and success)

Monday morning, 9:00 am. I’m sitting in my office, my startup which is in the path of growth. Right now I’m writing this article at this very moment and at the same time thinking about my new prospects whom I should’ve cold called yesterday but I didn’t. I’m feeling like I’ve lost one of my opportunities because of this delay.

Funny how my Dreams have traveled a long distance up to this point. From a dream of becoming a Computer Game Developer, through the dream of becoming a Rock star, and to this dream of happiness, wealth, and success. I’m going to be 27 in 2 months. And I have no idea how many times my dreams are going to tremble till I turn 70 and retire, however, I’m not scared. I’m excited, in fact.

After all, my life journey has given me a secret sauce teaching me;

“Someday my dreams will get obsolete, and that’s fine…. I can re-dream and re-start.”